Friday, February 8, 2013

West Los Angeles: $$$ URGENTLY requested from anywhere for Teddy the Horse

 ***URGENT UPDATE -- PLEASE, NOT ENOUGH FUNDS FOR TEDDY (aka SAMSON) -- rescued from Lancaster CA in the nick of time -- Belgian Draft "TEDDY" A4503287
From: Cheryl Poindexter <>
Date: Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 1:52 PM
Subject: Fwd: ***URGENT UPDATE PLEASE, NOT ENOUGH FUNDS FOR TEDDY (akaSAMSON) -- Lancaster CA: Belgian Draft "TEDDY" A4503287
Hi all
Please see Pam's plea below. She is trying to get a vet to come out and is in desperate need of donations.
The transports alone were $425. We saved him in the nick of time.
If she doesn't get the donations she needs she will have to cancel the vet.
Can anyone help? You can donate direct to the vet if you would like.
All info for donations is below in red.
Thank you so much.
Cheryl P
I am resending, as we are having great difficulty raising the funds it will take to support and provide vet care for Teddy (Samson).
Teddy and his friends are getting along, but he is not the alfa, because his mustang buddy next to him bosses him around.  If he seems not ok with that, we will move him again, however we also see them "grooming" each other when it is not feeding time :o)  We've been turning him out every day in the ring.  He is surprisingly agile for such a huge boy, and bucks and kicks up his heels and rolls.
The problem: we have only now covered the $425 transportation from over a week ago, but have nothing for his board and the coming enormous vet bill, as he has some serious issues.
We had made an appointment with the veterinarian to come and examine him Saturday, as he constantly rubs his tail & holds it crooked all the time, and has a coarse dull coat (parasites), and not full weight yet (furry winter coat hides it).  His hooves are cracked all around too & we need to make sure they do not get splits and go lame.  He needs an experienced farrier, which we have, but no funds for that yet.  He also needs blood work to rule out Cushings and several other things we are worried about.  We are only now able to pay the transportation with the lovely donations we have received, but NOTHING for his board of $400 plus (for extra three-way hay).  Everyone is holding our checks only because they know we are nice people.
This was too quick, and it was too urgent for us to have time to sufficiently fundraise.  We had to save him with only a day's notice, as the sergeant at Lancaster called us numerous times and said he had to be rescued the next day, or he would be taken by very bad people (she put us ahead of several on the creepy waiting list). She could not hold him any longer and did not want them to get him.
 He has to see the vet this Saturday, and now we will probably have to postpone it as we don't even have board money yet.  We are still trying to raise $1000 to start, and if not, we are still trying to find someone who might give us a loan for several weeks until we can fundraise it all.  We have been so involved in his rescue last week, we have not even written up a plea or sent to all the lists.  If anyone can loan our little non profit, (if not donate :o), we can return the loan in several weeks' time.
Here is all our pertinent information, mailing address, paypal, and I can also personally drive to pick up any donation, it is more urgent now than before. 

The Nature Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 66790
West Los Angeles, CA  90066
Note on check:  For Teddy (Samson)
In your account under "Personal", please click on "gift" to avoid fees
We can provide a receipt and our Tax ID# for your tax deductions.
If you would like to donate to the veterinarian directly and do not need a tax deduction, please let us know and we will provide her information.
If we receive enough help we will not have to postpone Saturday's visit, as they will give us several days to raise the money.

If anyone who helps Teddy (Samson), would like to meet him, we can make arrangements for that!  We would very much want you to experience the presence of his beautiful Disney-like character.  His personality is great and kind and gentle.

Thank you very, very much, on behalf of Teddy (aka Samson)
Pamela VanCortlandt
The Nature Network, Inc. 
501c3 non profit animal rescue organization  (awaiting re-design)


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