Friday, March 29, 2013

Staten Island NYC NY: Update. $$$ requested. Rocky not well. RE: Owned Akita named ROCKY

3/29/13 update from Nancy Lamm at Akita-SOS:

Rocky was a difficult case Akita-SOS helped -- quickly reaching the limit we could afford. Sadly Rocky has an outstanding balance at the vet's office for surgery completed (removal of a huge tumor) and now needs another vet visit.

Not sure if anyone can help but we are faced with over $1,000 needed here so even $5 will assist. PLEASE help Akita-SOS to help Rocky!! Thanks.

Rocky has a past balance and has to go back to the vet tonight due to drippy pee which is getting worse and worse since the operation.

Please send any donations IN ROCKY'S NAME to -- there is a donate button there.
Also maybe direct people to the two ebay auctions we are running for him. The links are here:
THANK YOU for your help -- we can sure use it. Also may be best to call him Rocky the Akita -- his pictures sure do not show husky! That is one beautiful Akita boy.

PLEASE VISIT S.O.S. Save Our Seniors, Akita Rescue of WNY.
3/11/13 POST:

3/12 Permission to blog has been granted by Akita SOS (stands for Save Our Seniors). Please support this wonderful organization by donating at: Please share widely :-)
Many have asked about our latest SOS case Rocky. Just heard from Rocky's mom yesterday who wrote to us the following:

"I can not thank you enough. Without you, Cleo & I would have lost our Rocky and that is something I can never ever thank you enough for."

So bravo SOS -- the mission is sound and needed and we will work to help one senior Akita at a time to remain in the home that they love and the arms of their companions that love them!!

3/11 POST:
3/11 Rocky is back home. Details to follow.
3/2 update at S.O.S. Save Our Seniors, Akita Rescue of WNY:
Facebook photo/thread
here is our latest case -- Rocky! He had his surgery but did have a reaction to the anesthesia so had to go back to the hospital. Keep those prayers coming for him.
2/28 update:
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Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:35 am
Rocky is back in the hospital. He has the runs bad. Will get more details today.

2/20 update at Harris Bloom's blog:

2/13 POST:
Please go to Harris Bloom's blog post at Stewie to the Rescue (link below) to read about Rocky. Please donate and/or share if you can. Thank you!

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From: harris bloom []

I have written this blog post about Rocky... 

Virtually Yours,
Harris Bloom

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