Thursday, May 3, 2012

USA except OR, WA and MT: Jay Hellerich writes, "Progress...thanks to YOU! Please keep voting!"

Please vote if you can

From: <>
Date: Thu, May 3, 2012 at 8:23 AM
Subject: Progress... thanks to YOU! Please keep voting!

Please get ONE person
to register and vote today!
We need 100 new voters to make this happen!
And you can apparently vote from each separate account you have!
Just register each one separately.
Our friend Paula is in a contest
If  she wins, she will donate $500 of her prize
to Smiling Dog Farms!
You can help by going to this link once a day...
and voting for Paula C in Beloit, Wisconsin
Paula is in 2nd place...  1332 to 1343
Blue says "I am concerned.
We have some GREAT supporters voting every day!
But we need to get MORE people registered and voting daily.
Registering and voting is EASY... would I lie to you?
Check the bottom of this email where I explain how you do it! "
Please Vote Today!
And then please get ONE more person to register & vote!
Contest ends May 11 at noon, so we don't have too many more days to vote!
Lola says:
Please help us retake first place to win that $1000 prize!!
Your first time, you will need to register... 
If you are not comfortable providing that information, I understand...
But if you don't mind registering,
then you can vote for Paula every day by going to the same link!
Here's How to Register -- It's Easy!
- At very top... click on blue box that says "Register"
- Fill in the registration form... it is short and simple
- Click "Submit" in green box at bottom
- You will go to Meet Your Nominees... where it says search by name,
type in P-A-U-L-A
- This will take  you right to Paula and then click VOTE!

Once You Register, It's Even Easier!
If you are registered, just click on "Sign In Here" 
Then where it says "Search by Name", just type in P-a-u-l-a...
it will take you right to the place where you vote for Paula!
The prize is $1000 and Paula is actually going to
donate $500 to three rescue groups!
So she is going to donate $500 of her own money to help us if she wins!
Let's help Paula help us!
Please tell your friends on FACEBOOK, too!
Thank You!