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Alabaster AL: Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama Has Saved 25 Breeding Dogs

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Subject: Update: Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama Has Saved 25 Breeding Dogs


Dear Friends,
            Words cannot express how grateful Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama (BTRA) is to those of you that have financially helped with the recent costs of saving the twenty-three (23) Bostons and two (2) French Bulldogs from the puppy mill sell out in Missouri. 
            All the adults have been spayed and neutered.  The heartworm positive dogs have completed their treatment successfully.  All have been vaccinated, de-wormer, tested for parvo, given bordetella vaccine, had their "cherry eye" conditions surgically repaired and now are in foster homes.  
            The six (6) parvo puppies had the fight of their young lives but due to aggressive treatment thankfully all have survived and are doing great.  It was necessary to board these babies for thirty-one (31) days in isolation at the vet's clinic in order to protect the other rescues that we presently have (75 in all).  We just could not take a chance of exposing our elderly, sick, immune compromised and cancer patients to this dreaded disease.  As you know, these are at high risk for any type of disease.
            BTRA had originally thought that $8,000.00 would cover all the expenses for the medical needs of these rescued Bostons.  Unfortunately, it has not.  At the time of rescue, we could not have imagined the extent of the parvo problem.  We are now faced with a huge outstanding vet bill of $6,438.00.  I have never used the term "desperate" in any requests for financial help but this is truly a serious and desperate need.  BTRA must pay this bill or we will not be able to continue rescuing Bostons in need.  It takes money to rescue and care for any animal-sometimes a great deal of money.  Thanks to all of you, BTRA has always been able to pay our bills and remain debt free. 
            Our vet gives a very good discount and for that we are grateful but she has a business to run and this requires payment for services rendered.  I cannot fault her for this in any way. 
            At the present time, I am only able to personally donate $500.00 toward this bill, and I need YOU to help BTRA pay the remaining debt.  You have always been very generous in assisting us in saving the thrown away, sick, old, puppy mill rescues, abused, starving and stray Boston terriers.  We have done so with a willing heart and want to continue this mission.  The love and thankfulness that comes from a rescued soul cannot be described in words.  It makes my heart joyous when I can look in their eyes and see genuine trust and thankfulness.
            We have made videos of most of the rescued Bostons.  Some are in foster homes in the southern part of Alabama and we just could not get them to Alabaster for the filming.  I hope to include the others very soon so that you can all see just who your money has helped. 
            This has been a very big rescue.  All the puppies and their mamas have been at my house and I have had the wonderful opportunity to see the change in their personalities as each day goes by.  I have had Scarlett and her little puppies since birth.  BTRA rarely has the opportunity of having puppies, in fact, we have had only one (1) other.  Twelve puppies is a lot of work and worry.  It is a 24/7 job but I am grateful that I have been up to the task and that all will never know the pains of being a "puppy mill" breeding dog.  They will only know love, care, safety, security, quality food, clean bedding and lots of play time.  All of the parvo puppies are also now at my house.  This has been a challenge.  According to authorities on parvo, this disease is spread through the fecal matter.  I have been told that this can be shed for up to three (3) months.  This has necessitated keeping Scarlett's babies completely separate from any contact that might expose them to any shedding fecal matter.  Every morning, noon and night, I take the older puppies out and let them play and potty.  I then take the little ones out to a separate yard area so that they can play and potty.  Unfortunately, these two set of puppies cannot mingle with each other.
            BTRA does not regret rescuing these Bostons from the breeding community.  Their lives have been forever changed and will improve daily especially when they become ready to go to new forever homes with a family to call their own.  If any of you are able to financially help with these expenses so that BTRA can continue to provide help in the rescue community, please consider doing so now.
Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent 
                                                Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President
                                                Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama 

P. S. Thank you in advance for any additional help that you are able to provide.  You make it possible for BTRA to continue to save Bostons--without you nothing would be possible. As you all know, all donations are tax deductible.  Our volunteers and officers receive no pay or financial gain from any of your donations-ALL MONIES GOES TOWARD SAVING AS MANY BOSTONS AS WE ARE FINANCIALLY ABLE-and then a few more.

Jo-Ellyn G. Vincent, President
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama
Please visit our website.
In advance, thank you all for your support.

To make a tax deductible donation, please click on the donate button,
or you can mail a check to:
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama346 Willow Glen Drive
Alabaster, Alabama  35007
All donations go toward the care of the Bostons, as we have no paid staff but only dedicated volunteers who love the breed and want to help stop the abuse one dog at a time.  

Some additional information about our organization . . . 
Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama (BTRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare of the Boston Terrier dog breed. BTRA takes any Boston terrier regardless of age, temperament, and/or medical condition, and welcomes the re-homing of these dogs. Boston terrier mixes are also an important part of our rescue. All Boston terrier and Boston terrier mixes are spayed/neutered before placement, vaccinated, and all known medical conditions are addressed and treated as appropriate. Boston terriers are placed in the loving homes of volunteers where they are assessed for personality, and then they are  carefully matched to a home that will provide only the very best. 
BTRA makes every effort possible in assuring the best possible future for the adopting family and, most importantly, for the Boston terrier being placed. A lengthy screening and education process is done before an application is approved. An adoption contract is completed, and post-placement follow-up is done. An adoption fee is charged to cover the tremendous veterinary expenses incurred by BTRA.
All members of BTRA are volunteers who are Boston terrier owners themselves and are deeply dedicated to the welfare and safety of the breed. Every member of our team undergoes the same screening process that is applied to all potential adopters. Over the course of the past few years, our volunteers have driven hundreds of miles across the Southeast to rescue Boston terriers and Boston terrier mixes in need. BTRA volunteers have participated in screening potential adopters and have educated each other in the best ways to care for and train a Boston terrier. BTRA volunteers have worked dog fairs and fund raisers to generate donations to help with expenses. Most importantly, though, is that each member has opened his/her home and heart to assist BTRA in caring for rescued Boston terriers while they are in foster care. 
All medical-care decisions are made by one or more of BTRA's board members, all of whom have worked with various other rescue organizations prior to the establishment of BTRA. We have several excellent veterinarians across Alabama from which we receive counseling and guidance. In addition, we work closely with other rescue organizations. Prior to our inception, we have individually rescued and re-homed many Boston terriers and Boston terrier mixes. Our collaborative rescue efforts in 2011 will likely be double the number of dogs rescued during 2010. We are a growing organization with dedicated, fiscally responsible, and goal-focused members who appreciate the tremendous generosity of our many contributors in offering financial assistance to support our labor of love.

 . . . "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." — Author Unknown

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