Sunday, July 26, 2015

Taylorsville NC: $$$ requested for former puppy mill Pit

Candy calls him Monsieur as he is a very sweet gentleman.

Please help poor sad rescued puppy mill pit. He was named Monster by the puppy miller but he does not respond to the name. He was adopted out straightaway from the deceased puppy miller's property in Burke County North Carolina in April but the people didn't take care of him. He is with Candy Bowman now and she needs help to get him to the vet. She has done the rescues from that property on her own but needs help with him. She feels 100% sure he has heartworms as all did but a few.
Kind donors may donate directly to the vet's office if that would make people more comfortable as to where the money is going. Candy just wants to get this guy healthy so we can get him adopted or to a foster.

Here is the link to this pup's fundraiser: