Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Houston TX: Update re: $$$ requested for Kikko the Dog's ear surgery. Marcella Pringle's dog! Please donate and/or share

Thanks to all who are helping Marcella and Kikko!!! They visited the vet clinic today and have posted Update#5 to the GoFundMe. Please click on the GoFundMe to see Marcella's updates and the Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists' preliminary estimate for ear surgery. Marcella wrote:
Kikko had an appointment today at Gulf Coast and his situation is that it is still recommended that we go forward with plans to remove his ear canal in his left ear. We will return on Friday for another appointment and I'll know even more then, I hope. I've attached a quickly-written estimate I got today. A verbal earlier this week indicated a range of $2800 - $3500. This one I've posted is $2800 - $3200. appointments.) Thank you all, many times over, for your support.
10/24/14 POST

Marcella updated her GoFundMe today. Moreover she is studying how to add images, and jpgs such as scan from vet if possible. Many thanks to American Dog Rescue for their wonderful donation. Please click on link:

10/21 POST
Little Kikko - a survivor of being hit and badly injured by a motorist - was picked up by the City pound, then rescued by Buster's Friends, fostered by Marcella, and then she adopted him. They are two old friends. Please read on the new GoFundMe what Marcella said about how courageous Kikko was in his recovery from the auto injury and surgeries. Now he needs ear surgery to stop terrible pain. Marcella took down her first GoFundMe almost as soon as she put it up because she was too embarrassed asking for help! A networker had asked me about it and I inquired from Marcella why the "Campaign Not Found" message. I suggested she put the GoFundMe back up!

The new URL for the GoFundMe is different, so please share the new one too in case you circulated the first one:

Marcella quietly helped many dogs for thirty years and she and Kikko should not be ashamed to ask for help. Please donate and/or share for Marcella and Kikko so that the little guy can get his ear surgery ASAP! Thank you!