Friday, October 17, 2014

Rochester NY: $$$ requested! Foster cat Henri needs dental surgery and removal of something from head. Video!

When you click to go to the YouCaring you will see more photos of Henri, a statement of estimated costs per the Vet, and The Video! Thanks to all who are helping Henri.

On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 11:43 AM, Andrea Ploscowe <> wrote:
Dear Liz,

...We're almost halfway to our goal in only 3 days! $425... $548 to go to get my foster Henri the dental and lump-removal surgery he needs! Huge thanks to all who have donated so far!

To celebrate, Henri and I made a video for you! Now that I've figured out how to do that, we'll have more in the future, and I promise, Henri will speak!

Please give...and truly, a donation of $5 makes a big difference. It adds up and matters so much to Henri and me! Every donation brings Henri one step closer to his forever home! Thank you again!

Andrea Ploscowe and Henri the Monster LoveBug

10/14 POST 
Here is the link to Henri's YouCaring with all the details:
The estimate is roughly $1,000. Please help Andrea pay for Henri's medical expenses ASAP. Andrea helps network for and coordinate cat rescue all across the USA and is a powerful force for nature. Henri is lucky to be her foster cat.