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Cuthbert GA: The true story of Danny the dumped, stray, formerly-tied, underfed, fly & tick strewn, friendly St. Bernard mix who was to be shot 8/2/14

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Subject: Cuthbert, GA - The true story of Danny, the St. Bernard mix, who was to be shot
If you have any questions, please e-mail Laurie at: lfmontfort3@gmail.com      (at     gmail.com). 

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Subject: The true story of Danny, the St. Bernard mix, who was to be shot

Danny is in boarding at my vet's office.  He has NOT been shot.  I'm still looking for a rescue that will meet his needs.  Danny is heartworm positive.  I will be talking with my vet tomorrow to discuss what heartworm protocol she recommends and when he should be neutered.  I plan to start his treatment immediately. 

If anyone would like to help with his vetting, Danny is at Cuthbert Critter Care, 51820 Hwy. 27 South, Cuthbert, GA  39840.  Their telephone number is 229-732-2215. 

Thank you so very much from Danny and me, to the wonderful people that have pledged donations.  
Rabies vaccination $14.00 (pledged)
Bordetella vaccination $14.00 (pledged)
Parvo/distemper $19.00 (pledged)
Heartworm test $23.70
Heartworm treatment $615.00 ($500.00 pledged)
Neuter (Waiting for a price from my vet)

Boarding: $13.90 the first 13 nights, and then at least a 10% discount each night after (Pledged, but if I can't find a foster, this could become very expensive.)  Local fosters are almost impossible to find, and I will have to discuss with my vet if it would be safe to send him to a foster farther away after he starts treatment.  

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at: lfmontfort3@gmail.com     (at     gmail.com). 

Thank you,

Laurie Montfort
Cuthbert, GA 

7/19/14 POST by Laurie Montfort
On Saturday, July 19, 2014 11:11 PM, Laurie Montfort <lfmontfort3@gmail.com>
Danny thinks he has found his perfect home.  It's not so perfect, but I'm sure it's the best home he has ever had.  After breaking his tie-out cable and escaping, or (more likely) his tie-out cable was cut (the hook would not open enough to be removed from the collar) and he was dumped in the middle of nowhere, he found his way into a lady's yard.  A place where he refused to leave, even though they didn't feed him until I took food to him two or three weeks after he arrived there.   He has a yard where he is not tied, allowing him to follow people around while his tail wags constantly.  He doesn't know that on August the 2nd he will be shot dead in that yard that has become what he thinks is his perfect home.  The lady that contacted me insists that her husband who will be home on that day will kill him.  I asked her if he really would do that and her son laughed.  From that (proud) laugh, I could tell that his father had killed dogs before and would kill this one.

With a hook on his collar that would not open and dried "fly strikes" on his ears, I know that he had been tied and not allowed to run for a long time.  His reaction to loud noises such as chain saws and lawnmowers, according to the lady that has him, makes me believe that someone used something that was loud to abuse him and/or try to make him mean. 

NAME:  Danny (a name I gave him)

AGE:  Estimated 4 to 5 years old; (I tried to look at his teeth, but his big tongue kept trying to lick me.  He does have a bad tooth.)

SEX:   Intact male

WEIGHT:  70 to 75 pounds (estimate only).  He is thin.

BREED:  St. Bernard (high mix) 

TEMPERAMENT:  When we drove up, he ambled over to see us.  He never barked or growled.  (The lady told me that when he first arrived there that if someone he didn't know drove into he yard, he would go into the woods and hide.)  He allowed us to pull many huge ticks off of him.  He yelped once.  When we fed him his first meal in weeks, one of the ladies that went with me to see him kept looking for ticks around his neck, trying to remove the hook from his collar, stuck her hand in his food bowl while he was eating and after about 5 minutes he had enough.  He could have bitten her several times, but he didn't.  He just barked to let her know to leave him along.   

CHILDREN:  He has been around the lady's 6 year old grandchild and there have been no problems, according to her.

OTHER DOGS:  He plays with a large sexually mature young male dog and has no problems with a small neutered male house dog with a bad attitude. The two dogs are fed inside so I don't know if food would cause a problem.

CATS:  Don't know. 

If you think you can help Danny or have any questions, please contact me (Laurie) at: lfmontfort3@gmail.com or 229-310-5064 between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).  I will be working long hours through Wednesday, so please be patient with me replying to your e-mails or phone calls.