Thursday, May 26, 2016

Houston TX: Crowdrise for Rescued Pets Movement in honor of Tim Lambert's birthday

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Can you please donate in honor of Timothy's birthday? Your donation will help us reopen our clinic!
Happy birthday to me? No. Happy birthday to homeless pets in need of your help!
Hello, friends of Rescued Pets Movement. My name is Timothy J. Lambert and I'm a co-founder and board member of RPM. Guess what? It's my birthday today!* Thank you to everyone who has donated already to my CrowdRise campaign to raise funding for RPM so we can refurbish and reopen our clinic. If you haven't donated yet, I hope you'll consider it. As you know, RPM provides a second chance for thousands of homeless dogs and cats through rehabilitation and transport to forever homes in communities throughout the country that have a need for adoptable pets. Since my friends and I founded RPM at the end of 2013 over 14,000 dogs and cats have moved to our rescue partners. 
One of these dogs is Dixie, who was found under a house with both hips broken and, like nearly every stray in Houston, was heartworm positive. Our rescue partner who committed to taking her
into their program recently sent us a link to this video of Dixie running around the backyard in her foster home, after her bones had healed and a successful heartworm treatment. Watch her run here --
Dixie is a great example of the good work RPM and our rescue partners are doing, and of how successful partnerships in rescue can benefit Houston's homeless pets. Rescuing and rehabilitating a dog like Dixie costs money, unfortunately, which is why RPM needs our clinic. Please, consider donating $10 to my campaign, so we can give the gift of a second chance to more dogs and cats in need, like Dixie.

If you'd rather donate to RPM directly, please click here:  

I don't need for anything, friends, so, once again, please consider donating to RPM in honor my birthday. And to all of Rescued Pets Movements employees, drivers, fosters, volunteers, donors, supporters, and my fellow board members, I want you to know that everything YOU do so Rescued Pets Movement can continue going the extra mile for Houston's homeless pets in need is the gift that absolutely keeps on giving.

I thank you, heart and soul!

Timothy J. Lambert

*Please, don't ask me how old I am.  ;-)
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