Sunday, September 28, 2014

Carson CA: CANCER OF THE PAW - Carson Shelter Rottie needs pledges, please?

From: "nicky gj" <>
Date: Sep 27, 2014 4:05 PM
Subject: CANCER OF THE PAW - Carson Shelter Rottie needs pledges, please?

Please Network & FB
Saturday, 9/27/14

Has experienced senior rescue IF we get the $2,500 in pledges

This lovely rottie girl, "Angel" needs to get out of Carson Shelter and there is a possible L.A. area rescue which would suit her perfectly, because they're very experienced with seniors with cancer and other illnesses and disabilities, but we have to raise donations of at least $2,000 BEFORE the rescue will commit to taking her.

As anyone with a pet knows, veterinary bills add up fast and if this definitely is cancer, it will be expensive to diagnose properly and treat, so it's perfectly reasonable for them to ask for a substantial donation to pay her bills, while they care for her with love and compassion at their rescue sanctuary.  They CANNOT afford to take her without the funds.

At the moment, we ask for PLEDGES, which I will track,  but once the $2,000 is pledged (hopefully this weekend), we will contact the rescue and ask people to honor pledges immediately by donating to the rescue directly, so please stay tuned for more information!

We have heard she is very sweet, but as a large breed, she has to have temp test, per Carson Shelter rules.  That has already been requested.

BTW, the rescue informed me that amputating a front leg of a large dog at this age is NOT a good idea and they would try to find other options.

Please e-mail me directly at to pledge and thank you for whatever you can give to Angel in her time of need.

I'm kicking pledges off with $20 from me!



Original Plea from Carson Shelter Volunteer with Facebook Posting

Please Network To Find Help For This Senior!

Angel is a sweet natured 11 year old Rottie in Carson Shelter left by her owners on 22nd September. According to her owners, she has cancer and she has a large mass on one of her front paws. The vets at the shelter are recommending amputation of the paw. She is waiting on a temp test, but is responsive and happy to engage through the kennel door. According to her previous owners, she has a friendly personality and she certainly seems friendly whenever I have visited her. You know this girl will not have much time, given her age, breed and health concerns. Please network to see if we can find somewhere better than the shelter for her to spend her final days.